The Cloud, Colombian Businesses’ Most Used Technology

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The Cloud, Colombian Businesses’ Most Used Technology


Eight out of every ten Colombian companies report Cloud Computing, also known as The Cloud, as the most implemented digital tool to streamline their processes, so it showed the survey Transformación Digital 2017 (Digital Transformation 2017) conducted by the National Association of Colombian Entrepreneurs (Asociación Nacional de empresarios, ANDI)

Implementation is more relevant than use, because the latter means it already exists in the company, whereas the former means it is embedded in the processes.

According to the Stromasys (a business solutions provider) Latin American Director Robert Ruiz, this is because of its low operative costs, easy access to documents from any network device, and unlimited storage. However, this is just one of the options when migrating to the digital world. Seven of every ten service companies and manufacturing industries are implementing Business Intelligence, while six of every ten use mobile productivity tools.

The fact is that market trends are leading businesses to rethink how they use technological tools to improve their operations and the services offered to their customers.

But, how profitable are these changes? Ricardo Villegas, Manager at Info Consulting says it depends on two aspects: how they are used and the size of the company.


The cost to improve a company’s operations generally is high; between 50,000 to 500,000 dollars. If we put it in Colombian pesos, between 143 million to 1,433 million at the current rate.

The objectives? They vary, but initially they intend to automate mechanisms “to speed up the activities execution time and replace manual processes with software applications” the ANDI survey shows. Also, businessmen consider investing in technology to reduce costs and to generate additional income.

What is missing

Internet speed is one of the fundamental issues to work with if the Colombian businesses are to migrate effectively to a digital transformation

The Info Consulting Manager says that companies may count with top notch technology, but in his opinion, if the Internet channels are not improved, operations will not be more efficient or less costly.

However, for Santiago Pinzon, Vice-President of ANDI’s Digital Transformation, speed is not everything.  He stresses that connectivity must go hand in hand with talent, ecosystem, Government and digital economics. “Medellin has it very clear and has started to work in it with different players”, he said.


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