La Ruta N (The N Trail), Technological Sanctuary

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March 27, 2018
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April 23, 2018
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La Ruta N (The N Trail), Technological Sanctuary

The “Ruta N” (The N trail) is a business and innovations hub in Medellin. It has the goal to pursue technological, energy and health development and increase the commercial exchange related to these areas.

This project was born at the Medellin Municipality and states that alliances between the government, the universities and the businesses can be easily established and have all the support needed.

Ruta N Medellín

Why is the N Trail so important?

Being this an organization supporting those who seek technological development for the country,this initiative sticks to the exchange of ideas and knowledge meant to enrich all the involved parties

Based on technology development and an innovative goal, Ruta N thrives to accompany all those projects that might involve companies dedicated to innovating in goods and services offered to the community.

A place for growth and innovation

Local and foreign companies have found a heaven under Ruta N’s roof and have discovered a place where their projects can be financed and developed to become solutions to the technological most pungent problems.

This technological sanctuary offers training to about 160 companies, more than 2400 employees, and is developing about 800 prototypes of products.

By opening the doors to development, this initiative has established about 200 businesses in Colombian soil and has generated more than 4000 jobs.

It’s all about collaboration

This project could be described as a utopian dream. It has been an extremely positive change for those living in the Antioquia capital.

The key to its success is the close collaboration between businesses, universities and public institutions, working hand in hand, aiming to achieve a better quality of life for all.

With the needed support, this is a project that could be repeated and revolutionize all other cities in the country.

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