Medellinnovation District: Invest in ecology and innovation

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October 1, 2018
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Medellinnovation District: Invest in ecology and innovation

medellinnovation district

The Medellínnovation District is part of an economic, urban and social process of transformation that looks forward to turning the northside of the city, in an innovational ecosystem combining citizens, entrepreneurs, companies and institutions. The idea is to turn Medellin into Latin America’s capital of innovation by working together these projects.

Medellín: an historical innovating city

The Medellinnovation District will continue to strengthen the process of reinvention in which Medellín is currently in, and to inspire fresh solutions that could bring quality of life and development to the city and the world. On the other hand, nationals and foreigners will be treated as locals within a truly innovative ecology.

Medellín has been inventing new enterprises and ways of living since it emerged as a great industrial city in the late 19th century, overcoming geographic isolation to create major production industries. These traditional industries remain important to Medellín.

New economy emerging in the Medellinnovation District

Today, however, a new economy is emerging. In this model, innovation derives more from the bottom-up than from the top-down. To compete, traditional industries must use new technologies to become more efficient and connected.  These technologies are giving rise to a whole new set of 21st century industries that demand new kinds of resources and approaches for business development.

The Medellinnovation District will provide a space where traditional and new industries can converge in a creative cluster to invent 21st century products, ways of doing business and lifestyles.  The people who live and work in the District will help Medellín to innovate its way into the new economy.

For this reason, the development of an attractive, amenity-rich, digitally-enabled environment that includes opportunities for personal advancement is important to the business strategy, as are incentives for companies to locate and grow in the District.

The District will create an environment in which the people who make up the innovative ecosystem can work, live and interact. Underlying the plan is a network of parks, public spaces and pedestrian-oriented streets that will create a healthy and productive environment.

Carabobo street will be the center of major companies, shopping and social life. Research and educational facilities are clustered along a spine connecting University of Antioquia to the river.

Finally, places to live and work – in new enterprises – are woven into the neighborhoods, with new facilities supporting public education and engagement anchoring the District.



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