Medellin, The Right City To Start An Investment

April 2, 2019
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April 16, 2019
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Medellin, The Right City To Start An Investment

Medellin, also known as the “City of Rternal Spring”, today lives and enjoys a remarkable social and urban transformation which has been internationally praised as innovative and resilient.

The Antioquia city inspires by its sustained progress, its outstanding economic performance and by being one of the Region’s best to conduct business.

Today, Medellin has overcome great difficulties, Is fairer and more sustainable, creates trusts and offers endless possibilities; that’s why Medellin is an ideal destination for investment.

The City of Endless Spring has many great qualities:

Its Public Transportation System is efficient, integrated and sustainable.

It has the most modern Subway system in Latin America and unique in Colombia; the Jose Maria Cordova international Airport in Rionegro, and another for domestic flights, at 10 minutes’ drive from the city. It also has cableway public transportation to connect neighborhoods with the rest of the city, as well as Land transportation terminals.

Entrepreneurial City

Six out of ten companies listed in the Colombia Stock Exchange have their headquarters in Medellin; a clear sign of the entrepreneurial development reached in the last years. The city offers also nearly 30 shopping malls, generating jobs and productivity.

Innovative City

In 2013, Medellin was the world’s most innovative city; recognition shared with cities such as Tel Aviv and New York, presented by the “City of the Year” award, organized by The Wall Street Journal.

Medellín created the Comuna 13’s electric escalators; these are unique in the world and have become the most innovative solution for its residents’ needs.

The city has also contributed to the reduction of CO2 emissions . The use of cableways contributed to the reduction of 121,029 tons of carbon dioxide emissions between 2010 and 2016. Has created cultural spaces and reduced its crime rates.

For the end of this year, the goal within the framework of the city’s innovation strategy is that 2% of the Antioquia’s GDP be invested in science, technology and innovation.

Competitive City

Medellin is the second most competitive city of the country, according to the most recent report of the “Centro de Pensamiento Turístico de Colombia” (Colombian Center of Tourism thinktank). During 2018, the city hosted more than 800,000 visitors and the average hotel occupancy has been of 63% in the last year.

Health Services

Medellin also has advanced medical services that contribute to the city’s reputation; it offers state-of-the-art medical technology and competitive pricing in kidney, cornea, bone marrow and heart transplants as well as aesthetic surgery.

Medellin is a luxurious example to all other cities in the developing world; there are more than enough reasons to consider investing in this city.

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