Medellin accumulates a 15-year experience supporting entrepreneurship

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August 3, 2018
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August 30, 2018
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Medellin accumulates a 15-year experience supporting entrepreneurship


There is no doubt about Medellin’s leadership in the country, based in a strength built for the last 15 years supporting new businesses and entrepreneurship. This strength converges now in the creation of an Economic Development Public Policy in which the areas of creation of businesses and entrepreneurship are particularly relevant; especially when they come along with financing mechanisms and institutional strengthening.

This has had several effects: The city’s business density (number of businesses per one thousand inhabitants) has duplicated in 10 years; the City is today also the place in the country with more financial resources for entrepreneurship, both public and private, and the new company profiles that are being created is ever more associated with industries and modern services.

With all this, the fact that Medellín has managed to converge a public development policy for entrepreneurship, create institutional capabilities and sources of access to capital for it, is what makes the difference in the short and medium term.


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