October 22, 2018
investor protection

Countries with the Best and Worst Investor Protection

American companies may be some of the most innovative and profitable around, but a quick glance at the world’s fastest growing economies shows that opportunities abound […]
October 15, 2018
private equity

Private equity investment in Latin America

2017 was a notable year for the private equity (PE) industry in Latin America. According to the Latin American Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (LAVCA), […]
October 8, 2018
medellinnovation district

Medellinnovation District: Invest in ecology and innovation

The Medellínnovation District is part of an economic, urban and social process of transformation that looks forward to turning the northside of the city, in an […]
October 1, 2018
latin america

Colombia: key to invest in Latin America

Latin America is key market for U.S. investments Colombia host more than 250 American companies, including manufacturing sector, technology, private capital funds, tour operators, and finance […]
September 27, 2018
medellin invests in innovation

Medellin is the Colombian city that invests the most in Innovation

Medellin is the Colombian city that invests the most in Innovation Good news for the city! According to reports, that shows the advance of our city […]
September 4, 2018

Medellín and Its Goals for 2030

The Medellín Cómo Vamos (Medellin, How We Are Doing) latest report about the city’s quality of life in 2017; that also set goals based on the […]